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September 18, 2012
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Julian`s Room by sofialara24 Julian`s Room by sofialara24
here`s the Tour to Julian`s room so here we go

1. Gothic lamps- sometimes Julian can be gothic in another way he thinks it looks fancy
Julian: well.....I think its cool... actually....

2. Bookshelves- he likes to read love stories as you can see they`re are many books there and including some music notes
Julian: I only read Twilight

3. Black piano- Playing the piano is his favorite hobbie but it ruins the space of the room so he just moved it at the living room after a few days
Julian: seriously it does...

4. White tiger rug- he also likes Tigers but the white ones he said that white ones are pretty unique
Julian: yeah no offense Sophie
Sophie: you made it already your offense Konzern by calling me pale

5.Lava Lamp- Everyone in the group loves Lava lamps but almost everyone
Sophie: it Exploded
Klaus: no it bursted into flames
Sophie: and exploded?
Klaus: no I mean Yes...

6. Closet- where he keep his every day clothes and his holiday special Tux
Nero: Tux?
Red: really?

7. Secret side drawer- looks like a simple drawer but he keeps his deepest darkest secrets in there including his bey "Gravity Perseus" and dont forget Red`s pictures (he`s not a stalker)
Red: what`s this about?

8. Memory board- he pins the pics and best moments with the gang
Wales: I like team Excalibur!
Sophie: I thought you wanna be less loud?
Wales: (speaks sofly) I like team Excalibur

9. body mirror- every man deserves to look its best
Wales: true!
Julian: so True!

10. Phone and MP3 player-no need to explain that you guys know what`s it for
Julian: Nero what are you doing?
Nero: reading your inbox

11. Teacup- Julian likes coffee time
Red: coffee addict
Julian: its not only coffee but also I drink Cappuccino

12. Chess board- another hobbie playing chess with Nero
Nero: I got 3 wins and you got 2
Julian: (moves piece) Checkmate!
Nero: I loose..

13. DVD player- dont forget the time he invited Red to watch a movie
Red: I told you and I dont like horror movies
Julian: that kills the fun
Red: how is it fun for me?
Julian: you got scared and hugged me during the film
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Julian y are there girls on your computer jk i kno y u used girls go games i love that site
sofialara24 Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know... sorry I forgot to edit the computer

and I love the games there
Cool. I wish I have a room like that.
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